Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The basis dividing between being happy and not

And so...

What if i wasn't the type of guy she would like?

Would i leave or move forward together?

And what if all these were not being clarified,

Would it do both of us good for the future?

Sometimes, i would just feel utterly terrible instantly.

Being a financial consultant is one of the reason among the rest.

And i could sense that more and more people have these terrible feelings which will haunt them as they progresses on in life.

Being in a relationship, would be to share all these feelings.

Believing that your other half would trust and support you emotionally.

THIS would be the basis of being in a relationship.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


i'm BIASED. i'll never want to see you again after the project. *hmph*


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Its difficult... ...
and after reading someone's blog made me wanting to express something over here.

It is really about timing.
That was and will be the most frequent reasons for breakup.

Somehow i do feel a tinge of irony in relationship.
Girls would want to find a guy who's dependable so that they will feel safe being together with them.
However, the same guy would most likely wants to carve out something to be successful in life and hence might have not much time to accompany the girl at certain point in life.
And girls may not fancy another set of guys, who most likely have time for the girls(because the guys do not really know what to do in life).

Hey, i've waited for almost about 2 sets of 4 months and i do grumble at times. I couldn't fathom how she could put me just aside. But i know...

i know that she just dont want to have any regrets
i know that some things happen just once in a lifetime
i know that she have the character to take good care of herself
and i know that some things like dating, can wait... ...

I am not an independent guy.
Laughingly, i would need to be taken care of.
But it would be a big joke if i couldn't provide a good life for the girl i like in the future.
and that's why i have been learning to be independent to carve out something in life.

And so,
to all the couples out there,
if your other half have been neglected you in some from or another,
jokingly scold them that you've been neglected;
give them the encouragement that they need to carve out that "important results";
believe in them that they will be back stronger and thus more attractive;
and never neglect YOURSELF! ( If you are the one who will be out there, came back and saw your other half who couldn't take care of herself/himself, how sad would you feel?)

Have faith
and you should be the one to know your other half
isn't it?

Saturday, October 17, 2009










所以,真摯和珍貴在於那份率真的觸動 ,
沒有計算後果 , 從心出發 。
一切說清說楚 , 詳盡分析 ,
那便不是愛情 ,對嗎?
愛情會讓人有種莫名其妙的感覺 ,
愈解釋不來 , 證明你愛得愈泥足深陷 。

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our world (Martians)

I've read and heard alot about what guys should take note of about girls.

I'd understand that we do want to live a comfortable life.

And girls, let me assure you that (most) guys do have that ego to want to provide you with the best that we can.

When you keep telling us that you're envious of others, it hurts us and we're angry not because of you but becoz of ourselves... ...

We do want to treat you like princesses (following your sometimes "ironic" rules), but we're stressed out in the not so "humane" world.

And so, please understand us.

We do not have many rules.

Other than having that frequent "lust" lingering in our mind,

we would be very happy to know that you'd appreciate us.

and then... ...







Sunday, February 22, 2009

8th Week

Omg... Keep losing my focus...

Did nothing proud in particular.

Start to "fervently" (I don't know if there's this word) draw up a timetable of what i MUST (and not want to) do

Time flies nowadays especially when i needed them.

And i'm not young anymore... (Lol, the girls say so)

So ya... don't plan "rubbish" like dota-ing in your timetable.

But let me leave here and play another game of dota... I will plan the timetable the next time round...

Oh... how crap am i...


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yo, introducing sinema to you guys and gals.


Its right behind cathay cineplex and you've got to climb up a total of about 120 steps from cathay to reach the place.

It not only showcase local work but also to inspire the local filmmaking movement.


So A-gal sms-ed me on friday night asking me whether i would be free on saturday. So i suggested sinema and the above show. Lol... and she told me that she had been wanting to watch this over the past month too!

So u all can read the synopsis for what's the show about.

Below was what i thought about after leaving the show.

The same sentence were being used 5 times during the show, and each time when it was being said, it has a totally different meaning in it. To make it worse, the one listening to it misunderstand the intention of the one saying it.

So... it became rather complicated... It just proves that the same sentence will have different effects in different situation

All of the characters gave reasons on why they had chosen and love their respective partners. But they didn't let their partners know about it. That was i think the reason why the guy decided to change (frequent the gym + teaching PE instead of maths) thinking that he'll better suit the girl

(Well, we can also argue that the guy was low on confidence) Still, i wonder how many of you would have prefer the girl to let the guy know of her reason in being together with him.

Oops, 8th february le!